In his second work of cultural memoir, Jeremy Atherton Lin lays bare a love outside the law — the blooming of his transnational relationship through pivotal years in the gay marriage debate. In 1996, Jeremy meets the boy of his dreams — a mumbling, starry-eyed Brit — just as US Congress prepares the Defense of Marriage Act, effectively denying same-sex couples federal rights including immigration. Being together across borders means dropping out and hiding away. Eventually, the pair find sanctuary among unlikely allies in a ‘city of refuge.’ Layering these experiences with those of past outliers, including his parents’ interracial romance, Jeremy explores myriad forms of intimacy and questions the mechanisms that legitimize love. Told through fragmented memories, structured like a mixtape, Deep House juxtaposes whispered disclosures of undocumented domestic life with the courthouse battles, media spin and political manoeuvres surrounding the most contentious civil rights issue of an era. Deep House is slated for publication in 2025 by Little, Brown (North America) and Allen Lane/Penguin (UK).